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Position yourself for success

Whether you are a freelancer or starting a company with others, effective branding and positioning can make all of the difference.

When I first started freelancing about a decade ago, all I knew is that I wanted to help create brands. That's it.

As you can guess, this lack of focus made it hard to market myself to others.

It wasn't until I asked myself the following questions that I started to notice a tangible difference:

1. Who are you? I'm a freelance designer, writer, and founder.
2. What do you do? I build brands, blogs, and businesses.
3. Who is your ideal client? I work with students, nine-to-fivers, and other freelancers.
4. What value are you create for them? I help them take their ideas from zero to one as quickly as possible.

Now, you can go a lot deeper and get much more specific with your target audience, but this is a great place to start if you feel stuck. These answers will inform everything from your branding to the marketing copy on your website.


The two goals of marketing

It's no secret that marketers ruin everything.

Just look at email, Facebook, and even newer apps like Snapchat.

At the end of the day, marketers have two main goals:

1. Driving sales
2. Building relationships

If you hate the term "marketing," I would guess you've run into one too many marketers who are focused on goal number one. I don't blame you. There too many marketers out there who are impatient, focusing only on short-term results.

If you ask me, the best marketers put relationships first.

Whether you are marketing yourself or another company, remember: there is already enough noise out there. Instead of being the loudest in the room, try being the most helpful.