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New journal

Today, I bought a new journal.

I'm saying goodbye to 4+ years of fluid thoughts, lofty goals, and tangible steps.

I might be overreacting but, in my mind, a new journal is a blank slate that allows me to redefine myself while starting anew.

Sure, no one else will probably ever read my journal, but that doesn't matter. I will.

Writing on a new page makes me feel as if anything is possible.

My new journal could very well hold what might be my the beginnings of my masterpiece. Or, it might simply help in removing myself as an obstacle.

Either way, it will play an important role in who I eventually become.

It will help me experiment with new ideas, capture new insight, and try new things.

As much as I hate to admit, I'm not as daring as I would like to be.

Moving forward, I want to be uncomfortable, learn from others who are different, and start pursuing the life I want.

Eventually, I want this new journal to be filled with reflections of a life well-lived instead of aspirations of what could be.