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Start with pants

Today, I put on pants.

For those of you with a traditional job, this might sound insane. Why would I brag about something so simple?

Well, today I'm also working from home.

At this point, I try to avoid this because, as many other freelancers and remote workers know, lines can easily blur.

In the beginning, setting up a home office can be the ultimate time and money saver. You don’t have to pay rent for a separate office, waste time on a morning commute, and you can even write-off part of your lease or mortgage as a tax-deductible expense.

However, the longer you work from home, the more distractions there are. You start waking up a little later, distracting yourself with Netflix a little more, and leaving the house less and less.

In my case, I worked from home for about a year and a half until I realized I felt disconnected from the outside world and found the perfect co-working center.

Today, things are a little different because, after much resistance, I put on pants.

It might not seem all that impressive, but this small win can be the first step towards a productive day.

And no, sweatpants don't count.