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It's OK to ask for help

Asking for help can be hard.

It takes vulnerability to admit that you don't know something.

Even after a decade of freelancing, I still have trouble asking for help, even from close friends.

As a freelancer, we're expected to be a one-man/woman army who supposedly knows everything. This is ridiculous. We're human, just like everyone else, and we sometimes need help, even if we just need someone else to talk to.

When you do find the courage to ask someone for help, do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what you need. It will make things much easier for you and the person you're going to for help.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

June 26, 2018

I'll be completely honest - I still don't have a concrete answer to this question.

I have plenty of friends who always knew they were going to be teachers when they were older. It was just in their blood.

I was never one of these kids.

I fumbled from one activity to the next, never entirely sure where my time and talents would be best spent. Nothing ever felt "quite right."

At this point in my life, I call myself a designer, writer, and founder because that is what I currently do. However, like everyone, there is so much more to me than meets the eye.

I want to write books, build companies, and most importantly, help others.

After fumbling through a freelance career over the past decade, I've learned a valuable lesson:

It's never too late to change what you want to be when you grow up. You just need to have patience while you keep searching.