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Position yourself for success

Whether you are a freelancer or starting a company with others, effective branding and positioning can make all of the difference.

When I first started freelancing about a decade ago, all I knew is that I wanted to help create brands. That's it.

As you can guess, this lack of focus made it hard to market myself to others.

It wasn't until I asked myself the following questions that I started to notice a tangible difference:

1. Who are you? I'm a freelance designer, writer, and founder.
2. What do you do? I build brands, blogs, and businesses.
3. Who is your ideal client? I work with students, nine-to-fivers, and other freelancers.
4. What value are you create for them? I help them take their ideas from zero to one as quickly as possible.

Now, you can go a lot deeper and get much more specific with your target audience, but this is a great place to start if you feel stuck. These answers will inform everything from your branding to the marketing copy on your website.