I'm a huge extrovert.

Back in college, I would spend most of my time in my dorm's lounge, constantly chatting with anyone who would hang out.

As a young adult, I always lived with roommates. After all, they are mandatory friends who are forced to spend time with you, right?

Hell, I'm still haunted by FOMO when I hear about friends getting together.

However, at this point in my life, I've finally realized the value of being alone.

In the mornings, I actually prefer to be by myself as I go through my daily routine. Being alone with my thoughts makes it easier to hear and explore them through writing.

Since I started writing, I've noticed I tend to do my best work when I have uninterrupted periods of alone time (shocker!). Thanks to this focused time for deep work, I can really listen to my inner voice and pick apart any problems I have while sharing what I learn with others.

Whether you're extroverted or not, carving out time to be alone can help you practice introspection which, if you ask me, is something we could all use a little more of.