I tend to think about the future a lot.

I can't help but imagine a life in which I, and those I care about, are able to thrive.

I also focus on the short-term - actionable steps I can take today in order to make tangible progress tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I don't usually think about much else.

In other words, I have a plan for tomorrow and goals for the distant future, but that's about it.

This can be pretty frustrating for my fiancé as she constantly reminds me that life happens between now and then.

I can't simply put life on hold until I reach my goals - I have to account for the fact that life isn't linear. It's messy, complicated, and distracting.

Thanks to her, I have taken off my blinders and I am now looking a little further ahead.

Whether it's three months or three years from now, I have started to fill in the gaps for the life I want to create.