It's hard to believe I'm actually 30 years old today.

For the most part, it doesn't feel any different.

However, after reading each and every entry from my old journal (that started in 2014), 30 has become a little more sobering than I thought.

Now that I have taken a high-level look at the past few years, here are a few takeaways:

• I have an apparent problem with self-control
• I don't review my thoughts nearly enough
• My actions don't always align with my words
• I tend to ignore what is right in front of me
• I haven't (successfully) identified and solidified my long-term goals
• Which is why I haven't reverse engineered them into short-term steps yet
• I make a lot of excuses
• I unfairly project onto others more than I realize
• I consistently repeat the same mistakes
• My ambition constantly gets the best of me
• I haven't fully grasped what it means to "live with intention"
• I fall in love with ideas too easily
• I shoot myself in the foot by not saying, "No" enough

Looking back, I'm nowhere near where I thought I would be mainly because I wasn't 100% sure where that was in the first.

Maybe that's the problem.

We can't really move forward without first looking back.

In the future, I will revisit my own definition of success much more often while putting in place some tangible markers along the way.