A funny thing happens when you put you and your work out there for everyone to see.

People start supporting you.

I'm talking about people you've never met in real life. They will comment on your writing, like your posts, and even buy your products.

Find enough people like this, and you might be able to make a living.

The thing is, this doesn't magically happen overnight. It takes days, weeks, months, and even years to grow a community around your work.

After fumbling through this process over the past decade, I've learned that it really comes down to two "simple" steps:

  1. Do good work. If you're not there yet, practice until you are. And then keep practicing.
  2. Share that work with people. In the beginning, you'll probably have no idea who your audience is. Just put your work out there and people will naturally gravitate towards it.

Be patient while repeating these two steps and, eventually, you'll have a community to call your own.