I think about the future a lot.

Personally, I want to help create a smaller world connected by ideas.

This might sound great, but if you ask me, it's still a little too nebulous.

How exactly am I going to create this world? Where am I going to start? Who is going to help me?

See? I may think about what my life looks like today and what it will look like 10 years from now, but what about everything in between?

The hardest part about changing the world is making things tangible.

Nothing amazing has ever happened without tangible steps. Don't believe me?

Do you think the airplane just randomly flew into existence? Did we all wake up one day with modern medicine? Were Pop Tarts created by magic?

I think you get my point. All life-changing inventions start with tangible steps.

Sure, there's a good chance these steps weren't even realized until after the inventor got started, but they were eventually captured or jotted down.

Do you want to change the world? Start with the first, tangible step.