I think I've forgotten my message.

When I started writing three years ago, I wanted to show students that there were "unconventional opportunities" like freelancing or entrepreneurship available.

Since then, that message evolved into urging people to connect with others over shared ideas.

At this point, I think I need to refocus things. As always, I've let in other noise, which naturally weakens my message.

Even though I am a big advocate for trying a bunch of different things, I also know clarity and focus play a huge part in future success.

It doesn't hurt to refocus yourself by asking a few questions:

• What do you want others to know?
• How would you personally make the world a better place?
• If you were given one chance to present a TED talk, what would you say?

Hopefully, these will help remind you that you have a story to share and others need to hear it.