Living an intentional life is hard.

We all have things that seem important (our jobs, errands, meetings), but are they really?

Will they move us closer to where we want to be? Do we even know where that is?

Since I work for myself and set my own priorities, I'm responsible for charting my own course, even when uncertainty creeps in. Whenever this happens, there is one question that packs a big punch:


When was the last time you asked yourself, "Why?"

Why are you having this meeting? Why are working 40+ hours a week? Why are you sitting here reading this?

As much as I try, I know I don't ask this question nearly enough. I often find myself neck-deep in the middle of a task without even knowing why I started it.

Whenever this happens, I do my best to stop and figure out why.

I don't always know the answer, but at least I'm one step closer to living an intentional life.