Three years ago, I started writing (almost) every day online and it changed my life.

The thing is, according to most online writers and bloggers, I did it ass-backwards.

Instead of building my own blog on my own site, I decided to set up a profile on Medium. Personally, I had never come across a site that made drafting, editing, publishing, and sharing my writing so easy. Once I got going, I created my own Medium publication called The Imperfectionist and started sharing posts centered around making your own ideas happen.

I know, I know. Most "professionals" will tell you this is insane, considering all of this traffic is on Medium and not my personal site. You know what? That's just the way it goes.

In the beginning, I wasn't worried about building my own e-mail list or selling products. Instead, I just wanted to hone my writing skills and share what I knew with others.

At this point, I am growing my audience and I have connected with people from all over the world. I've also had opportunities to share what I know with others, both online and in-person. I'm finally ready to branch out and share lessons I've learned after a decade of what I like to call "productive fumbling."

This is why I'm officially launching this blog on my personal site. 

You can expect all kinds of posts, including: sharing and pursuing your ideas, freelancing, entrepreneurship, writing, coworking, marketing, productivity, and the occasional existential crisis. There's also a good chance you'll even find a post or two poking fun at everyone who takes this all a little too seriously.

Welp, we'll see how this goes. As usual, this is an experiment based on being as helpful as possible. Speaking of which, if you want to know about a certain topic, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @williamfrazr.