I've been thinking a lot about building a community online.

Since I work for myself, I'm always focused on sharing my work with others. Some call this "self-promotion" while others call it "content marketing."

Do you want to know what I call it?

Building a community.

For me, the difference is the intent.

These days, the internet allows you to do some amazing things:

• Work for yourself from wherever you want
• Self-publish an entire book
• Teach others outside of a classroom
• Connect with people from all over the world

Unfortunately, it can also make it much easier to spam people without listening to what they want.

When I first started writing, I shared my blog posts everywhere. I'm ashamed to admit this even included Tinder (back when I was single).

Three years later, my process has become a little more refined.

Even though I'm always focused on being more helpful to others, I'd like to think this job is never finished. When sharing work online, you can always listen more, pay closer attention, and provide even more value to your readers and viewers.

As I start my next phase of building a community, I'm going to focus even more on quality over quantity.

I suggest you do the same.