I'm a big believer in helping others. Whether you're a student, freelancer, or entrepreneur, I've come across various resources that can help you build your professional career. Feel free to reach out with suggestions for any other resources that have helped you! If you have any questions, I may have the answers on the FAQ section of my site. 



Adobe Creative Cloud
Creative tools for desktop and mobile

View, save and share articles

A workspace for daily projects

Simple, collaborative prototyping

Messaging, archiving and search for teams

Turn your mobile device into a point-of-sale

Make and share payments from anywhere

Create website that are easy to manage



In my opinion, reading is the quickest way to learn from others. Check out some of my favorite books below! 
Have other books I need to read? Let me know on Twitter!

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I always enjoy working with other insanely talented people from different backgrounds. Take a look below to view their work!



These days, over 34% of the workforce in America is freelance and that number is growing. Companies are starting to understand the value of working with freelancers and individuals are taking control of their professional lives. After taking control over my professional life for 6 years now, it's time to start helping others do the same. If you're considering going freelance for the first time or you want to take your freelance business to the next level, I can honestly help.