This is the part where I tell you more about myself like where I went to school, my past experience, and other information that's supposed to win you over. The thing is, you're not here for me. You're here for you. You're focused on developing your idea into a sustainable business, and I can help you. If you do want to know what I'm up to, take a look below and check out my writing on The Imperfectionist.

In case you do actually want to know more about me and my experience, you can find that here.


Creating minimum viable apps for startups and entrepreneurs at Viabl

Building an app that connects people using shared ideas called Collide

Writing and editing my first book called Make Your Own Ideas Happen

Writing articles about making your ideas happen on The Imperfectionist

Creating the only guide you'll ever need to start writing on Medium

Beatboxing with an all-male a cappella group called One Too Many